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Reaching Out to the Lost and Needy

Where Our Ministry Is Going

 Our expectation is to expand our reach worldwide with the leading of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and generous financial support, we will open "The Well", a resource and developmental center that provides christ- centered support to the forgotten and under served community. This includes those who are on the street corners asking for help, instead they can come to the "Well and drink"


Much  of the services we will offer include medical help, educational assistance, and spiritual guidance. All these will be made possible with help from volunteers. We will update you more on our plans as they progress.


To help our church and the construction of our resource/developmental center, feel free to make a generous love donation today.


We are a tax-deductible, nonprofit organization that is 501(c)(3) certified with the IRS. Your donations will be greatly appreciated to advance the Kingdom of God! Call or email us to learn more about our church.

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